Alien Math: My Latest Math Whimsy

The idea of Alien Math is something of a fusion between Sci Fi and Math. I have a feeling once I dig deeper I will discover more of what is possible with the idea from Group Theory and Abstract Algebra. But my current thoughts on it don’t really rely much on those areas because I only know a smidge of group theory. I know what a field is roughly, but I couldn’t give you anything like a precise description.

Alien Math is kind of a self-demonstrating. Since I don’t have an alien typewriter with me, for now I just use letters for the different operators, functions and numerals.

I would like to go with the greek character set to make it feel more different later once I figure out why WordPress randomly doesn’t like Latex sometimes, even if the expression is identical from before.

So without further explaining it, here are some theorems, calculations and miscellaneous problems in this Alien math.

List of Operators, Functions

K(a, b)
Q prefix : i.e. Qa = Q(a)
C(a) : defined only in a subset the real line
E prefix : E is both a value and a function, so it can be before what it modifies like Q, or standalone. Spacing helps to distinguish between these cases.

R,S,T,U shouldn’t be too hard this time to figure it out, though its not as easy as it immediately seems.

1. Theorem:
R < a < E \land R < b < E \rightarrow \frac{dZ}{da} > R
Trying to express a derivative in these alien math operators is pretty tough. I couldn’t figure out the derivative of Z(a,b) in terms of the alien operators and functions quickly so I will leave that one for thinking about later.

5. D(UU) =  TUTUUTU…

6. f(a,b) = C(Z(D(a), D(b))) = a famous operation in Earth math on a and b.

I will post some more of this examples when I get more time to fuss with it, and I want to figure out the derivative in terms of C,D,K,Z,W and Q functions/operators.


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