Space Beat, The Blackboard and Nanowrimo

I picked the name for this blog based on the idea that I’d be writing the story about the blackboard with the power the change the rules of the universe. I think I’m going to wait on that one and let some more ideas come to me, I don’t seem to have a full novel’s worth yet.

I have now brainstormed three different ideas for my Nanowrimo novel, but I think I’m going to go back to the Hard SF idea I originally had. I backed away from it, because it felt like it may be too confining, but I think I will give it a go, and just skip the boring early parts to get right into the action.

I call it Space Beat, but that’s only a early title. Russia, America and Canada are connected by a massive Siberia-Alaska bridge complex, as well as the ease of trans-Arctic trade in the aftermath of global warming. They have formed the Northern Economic Union more than 150 years before the setting start, and formed the NEU bureau of Law Enforcement to coordinate investigation within the three countries, as well as their off world colonies.

NEU is only one of three major space-faring. The EU and Greater China are the others. All three have colonies and space stations scattered out as far as Jupiter, with two new stations just built on Saturn’s moons a few years before the story’s beginning.

The NEU has set up a Space department charged with tracking suspects who have fled off planet. The NEU’s space department is small, and the cost to outfit just one team of officers in the latest cruiser ship is expensive, especially when fuel costs are taken into account.

Unlike the vast majority of space themed stories, I am taking into account gravity and orbital mechanics, as well as the fact that you can’t really accelerate at more than a few g’s without crushing your officers.

The story is primarily about the Rookie Jordan Galloway and the Veteran Quintin “Q” Bass, and their pursuit of suspects, especially a group who are connected to a new criminal syndicate.

The “villain”, Ethan “Thunder Man” has adopted the moon Ganymede in orbit around Jupiter as his home, and he has concocted a scheme to divert attention and police resources to issues elsewhere in the system, so he can build up Ganymede’s defenses and declare independence.

While Jordan and Quintin are the protaganists, I intend to make Ethan’s goals at least reasonable, if not his methods.


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