Medieval War Chess attack/defense strengths update

I decided to adjust the attack and defense strengths for medieval war chess. Previously, I had the general rule that the defense strength would be double the attack strength for a piece. Unfortunately, I think that makes the knights require either a queen and knight to defeat, or three pieces to defeat.

Since there are three actions in a turn, its reasonable to expect two pieces attacking together to defeat an enemy, but making a three piece attack requires the enemy sliding up to you ahead of time.

I don’t want to make defense too weak, because then, neither player would be able to be the first one to approach without getting wiped out.I also want to contrast the pieces more from one another. Since they don’t have their own movement styles, they kinda blend together right now.

Piece Attack Defense Reason
King 2 7 Defensive specialist piece.
Queen 6 6 Powerful but endangered by the other queen.
Knight 3 5 More defensive minded than the bishop
Bishop 5 3 The glass cannon
Pawn Neighboring pawns * 2 Neighboring pawns + 2 This is something of a radical redesign that gives pawns some real punch if they can group up. This also makes pawns slightly more sturdy.
Rook 0 2 I wanted to make sure rooks can’t be taken out by a King alone, as that would result in Kings going all over the map chasing down rooks and being unstoppable.

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