I work in IT at a small company, but I am also interested in writing and mathematics as hobbies. I have written several first drafts of novels, but I haven’t finished the editting process for any of them yet, I’m working on it.

I live in the cold northern part of Michigan, so its good to have some indoor hobbies, although getting out some in the winter is important as well.

In addition to that creative stuff, I’m always trying to learn more neat mathematics, and see how it applies to interesting problems. When I first went to college, I kept switching between wanting to study computers, and math, but in the end, I was able to get a job in IT not math, but I still have a passion for learning more of it.

I like to work on my own on a mathematical subject and figure out what I can, and then only after go look up the official answers. Lately a lot of the stuff I have been working on has turned out to be impossible to solve / simplify, but I just started a new idea which I have thought about in the past, I think it will lead me into interesting directions as well. I don’t see much difference in how I pursue a mathematical idea and a story idea personally, but perhaps thats abnormal.


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